Thursday, December 19, 2013

PVC Coated Flex Banner

Product Description

Coated Pvc flex banner is designed for the solvent-based inkjet systems With is capability of aging acid alkali resistance knife-coated fabric are widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising.


  • Good ink absorbing.
  • Wheater resistant (Unti-UV Rain and frost)
  • White subtrate for the wide format digital printing
  • Printable through Vutek Scitex Nur and others. Applicable to Voted, Scitex, Nor, Infinity, Flora printers;
  • This front lit coated flex banner with banner with excellent printbality allows a very clear and vivid image on your large format advertisements.


Large format billboard Promotional Exhibition screens Indoor and outdoor advertising


Product Weight(Grams) Basic Fabric Size(m) Finishing
Coated Banner 340g±10g(10oz) 840x840D 9X9 1.01 - 3.2X50 Glossy
Coated Banner 440g±10g(13oz) 300x500D 18X12 1.01 - 3.2X50 Glossy
Coated Banner 440g±10g(13oz) 500x500D 9X9 1.01 - 3.2X50 Extra Matte
Coated Banner 440g±10g(13oz) 1000x1000D 9X9 1.01 - 3.2X50 High Glossy
Coated Banner 440g±10g(13oz) 1000x1000D 20X20 1.01 - 3.2X50 Fine Matte
Coated Banner 510g±10g(15oz) 1000x1000D 20X20 1.01 - 3.2X50 Fine Matte


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