Monday, December 23, 2013

We are a company that sells digital printing equipment
We sell Outdoor Printing and Indoor Printing Machine, We Also sell digital printing materials.
Our Products are sold All over Indonesia, and we owned branch in surabaya.
We have a professional team, strict management,
Excellent equipment four our all Tiger series Inkjet Printers.
Through years of operating with great concentration, innovating on the technology and perfecting after-sales service.

Main product: Konica Printer, indoor printer, and related accessories, consumables, ink, all kinds of advertising materials.

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Pusat Niaga Cibodas Block C No. 39 Tangerang

Hubungi : Desi Kurnia Mukti
Telp  : 0821 1066 0267 / 0878 0878 2069
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